Minimum spend by Producers


Hi I have a number of producers who supply the Mercia Food Hub (we are ex Food Assembly) who will not fulfil their order unless a minimum about has been received across the food hub that week - is there a way of setting this up in OFN


Hi @RuHunnypot,
Have you looked at the ‘Group Buy’ option in the User manual:

I’ve not used it myself, but it allows you to set a minimum buy for products. The customer can also set a variable amount they are willing to purchase. Then at the end of the order cycle you can adjust each customers order so that it forefills the min. set by the supplier. If the min isn’t met (even after adjustments) then you would have to contact the customers and say that they can’t get that product this time.

Let me know if you want any further guidance on this.
Best wishes


Hi Louise

yes looked at that and whilst that works for a product it doesn’t work for a producer who has lots of products that count towards the minimum spend.

so back to the drawing board on that one



Hi Ruth,
This feature is currently in development with the OFN global community.
I can’t give an expected date of release yet as the feature is in early stages of development. However it has been prioritised so you can be assured that the feature is on its way. We will keep you posted.
All the best,


Thanks Lynne that’s really useful