Missing products on shop front


Hi all

We have a quirky issues with our online shop. We have a new product which we have selected in both incoming and outgoing on our order cycles but it refuses to show on our shop front. Any ideas? It’s bunches of radish but I don’t think that’s the issue :wink:



Hi @Cultivate please can you check that there is a postitive stock level for the radishes. The easiest way to do this is go to Bulk Edit Products and then click the red ‘EXPAND ALL’ tab.

If you are using the OFN inventory feature you also need to check that there is stock showing in your inventory, Here is the direct link for the inventory.

Please let us know how you get on.


Hi Nick

Thanks for the reply. No, there isn’t any stock showing but looking at the bulk edit page it seems that is the same for some of the other products that actually do show up on the shop. It’s also showing stock for items we no longer have. INot sure I’ve been shown how to use this function…sorry new to this!



Hi Simon,

I have updated your inventory and now the radish is appearing in your shopfront.

If you click on the inventory section under products you’ll find your product inventory. This overrides some of the master product quantities such that a single supplier can stock multiple shops with different prices and stock levels. I’m not sure if Cultivate need this in your current incarnation but I believe it was important in the past.

For further information on why inventories are useful see the userguide here:



Thanks Lynne. I wasn’t aware of that function on OFN and we don’t really need it now. However, in my settings I see that ‘New products can be put into my shopfront (recommended)’ is already selected so why weren’t the radishes showing? Or did you do that when you went in to help?


Hi @Cultivate the radishes were not showing because the stock level in your inventory was zero. Lynne has now updated that.


Thanks. I don’t need to use the inventory function so is there a way of just turning it off? I thought I’d done that but it there a way so that all the new product I add go directly to the shop front irrespective of the inventory? Thanks