Multiple producers adding to our listing


Is there a way multiple producers can add to our listing/shop/hub or an example where this is done. I’m new to OFN. Thanks


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This is quite easy once everything is set up but initially involves a few steps. First, the producer uses the enterprise permissions screen (under “Enterprises”) to allow you to add items to your order cycle and inventory. They can also allow you to manage their stock for them. Once that is in place, your order cycle screen will allow you to add that producer to your order cycle, which is how OFN adds things to your shop front. You can include all your producers items or a selection.

Before they appear in your shop front you need to also include them in the “outgoing” part of your order cycle at the bottom of your order cycle screen. This seems nonsensical at first glance but is needed for setups with more than one outgoing order cycle.


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Take a look at the user guide section here for more info:

And if you get stuck let us know and we can arrange a screenshare to help out.

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