New Categories for Products

We’ve had a new user request a category for Flowers (as distinct from Plants and Garden), would any other hubs be interested in using that category? And are there any other categories you think are missing from the list? We want to keep it fairly succinct, but it’s been a while since we’ve reviewed this so it would be good to hear what people think.


I would say that we need to be careful about the number of categories that we have.
For now what if we change the name of ‘Plants & Garden’ to ‘Flowers, Plants & Garden’?

I would also propose a ‘FREE FROM’ or ‘ALTERNATIVES’ category, as currently these items go into ‘Other Food’ which I think does not do them justice.
This would be for meat and cheese substitutes, and likely for tofu?

I like the ‘Flowers, Plants & Garden’ idea rather than creating a new category.

Yes I would like this new category. I prefer ‘Free from’ rather than ‘Alternatives’ (which is less clear to me)

@OFNSupport I’ve updated the category to Flowers, Plants & Garden. Would you pass that on to the user that requested? Thanks :slight_smile:

Just to follow up RE Free From - I think this is a good idea and a large section of products that can easily be missed without this.

I’ve added this to our wishlist and will create a separate thread regarding any updates or breakthrough regarding this so as to save confusion of ticket crossovers.