New product properties


Reopening the discussion about product properties (I see this has been discussed before!). Are there any plans for the future for Hubs to be able to set product properties that are unique to their shopfront? I understand the issue that currently any product property gets applied across the whole site.

I would find it really helpful if I could group certain products on my shopfront. For example, one of the schemes we are running is a ‘green coffee shop scheme’ and there are certain products that go with this, but they are not all produced by the same supplier, or the same product type. I would like to be able to tag those products as ‘Green Coffee Shop Scheme’ but obviously that doesn’t mean anything to any other Hubs…

Just a suggestion. I have no idea if this is possible but it would be great if it was.


Hi Alice,

Yes we certainly do have plans for this in the future. Unfortunately it is currently quite a low priority so it is unlikely we’ll see it in the coming years.

For a bit of context, properties and categories are both applied to products.
Categories are problematic as they are a required field. So there is a limit to product categories.
Properties are problematic as they often have legal ramifications. Words like ‘natural’ can be misleading and ‘organic’ or ‘grassfed’ have legal ramification that make it hard for us to be flexible.

However, a property like ‘Green Coffee Shop Scheme’ is less difficult precisely because it is meaningless to most shopfronts. So I will add this to the set of product properties for you to use.

If other hubs would like properties added feel free to comment here :slight_smile:


Hi Lynne,
Thanks for the reply. That makes complete sense, but thank you for making the change :slight_smile: