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We’re so pleased to welcome you to our vibrant community of food producers and distributors across the country and the world working to build better food systems with people and planet at the heart!

This quick start guide takes you through the steps to help you start trading online.

We offer online drop-in calls for anyone who is new to the Open Food Network to have some help with the detail of opening their shopfront and starting to trade. One of our experienced OFN shopfront managers shares their screen, taking questions and walking through all the details of setting up an enterprise. Participants can also share their screen and be helped with anything they are stuck with. These calls happen every Thursday at 10.00BST on this zoom link

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How to Use this Forum

This forum is a place to ask questions! Not just about the software, though of course they are welcome. But also about all the other ins and outs of running a food enterprise - business models, delivery routes, building community, growing your customers, making it affordable. We hear you! It’s tough! But this community is full of folks who are making it work.

In this community forum customers, producers, hub managers and contributors to OFN UK come together to help local food systems flourish. Here is the place for ideas about what you’d like to see for the future of OFN. Here is the place to get to know how other producers, customers and hubs use OFN across the country. And here is the place to ask that question that might be obvious. There are no stupid questions here!

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If ever you have a specific problem or think something is not working in the platform, you’ll get the fastest response using our Support Form.

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