OFN Integrations

OFN is a very powerful tool. Not only it is full of complex and sophisticated features, but it can integrate with other tools to give you more flexibility and time saving potential in how you run your food hub.

Integrations enable us to leverage the OFN platform. This might be because the features we need are very specific and we haven’t yet prioritised building them into the platform itself. Or it might be because there are other tools that already do this well and why reinvent the wheel. Basically - if there is something that takes you too long, an integration can probably help.

Here is a summary of the integrations we currently offer. Much, much more is possible so you if you have specific needs get in touch with the OFN team if you’d like to discuss your specific pain points, hopes and dreams.

Integrations with External Systems

  • Orders automatically created in your accounting system (eg Quickbooks, Xero). More details here.

  • New shoppers automatically invited to subscribe to your Mailchimp newsletter

Integrations for Bespoke Features

  • Automatic email to producers with notification of orders including shopper breakdown

  • Weekly email to shoppers with a collection time slot

  • Tax reports with producer and fee breakdowns

Bespoke Integration Services (fees may apply)

  • Delivery Route Planning

  • Veg box planning

  • Shopper analytics (useful when planning marketing)

  • Automatic Import file conversion (for integration with POS or inventory systems)

  • Bespoke packing sheets or delivery reports

  • Videos and instructions to help your shoppers navigate, for example saving their credit card.