OFN on the mobile phone: An App version?

Hi Guys,

I would like to enquire whether OFN had considered an simplified version of the OFN site in the form of an app?

A number of the Country Market users and producers have been experimenting with the user interface and the feedback is the mobile phone version is the least intuitive and smooth to use of the laptop/tablet/mobile phone options. Not being a developer, it is a question out of curiosity.

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Hi Molly

Yes we are steadily improving the user experience of OFN on mobiles. Please let us have any feedback or suggestions by replying to this topic. The more information people can give us, the more useful the feedback will be. Ideally we would like:

  1. what device are you using
  2. what operating system
  3. what exactly are you trying to do
  4. how would you like the user experience to be different
    5. if you can include a screenshot of the issue it helps a lot

Thanks for your help

Hi Nick and Molly,

I have just tried to place an order via a mobile phone and can give some specific feedback on this. In short, I was able to place an order but it wasn’t easy to pay by card.

My device is a Samsung Galaxy S7, with Android 7.0. I was using the Chrome browser (version 66.0.3359.158) from within the Gmail app (i.e. by clicking a link in my email).

I was able to login okay.

I could view the items in the shop okay but without the pictures. It would definitely help to be able to see the pictures of the products.

I was able to order items and go to the checkout.

I found it difficult to pay via card (using Stripe). First of all the expiry date overlaps with the last few digits of the card number so it is difficult to see what you are typing. Secondly, it kept asking for my postcode even though I had already entered my postcode. It is possible this may have something to do with Chrome’s autocomplete which filled in the postcode automatically. I was only able to complete the purchase by deleting the postcode and typing it in again manually. I was quite persistent as I wanted to make it work, but I think another customer would have given up at this point.

Finally, I found it very difficult to log out. I scrolled to the top, clicked on the menu icon. The menu slides in from the left but the logout button is below the bottom of the screen. When I try to scroll down the menu slides back out again. As a result I’m unable to log out.

Also, I noticed that the OFN logo is showing as a broken image.

I hope that helps!


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I have opened a bug for the checkout process using Stripe on mobile.

We have a longstanding set of issues around improving UX on mobile. We are slowly ticking through them but as of yet have not got to actually making the screen look nice. More details here:

I’ve also fixed the mobile image.

Thanks for reporting all of this @wmortada. It really helps to improve OFN for the whole community!

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Thanks for your response @Lynne.OFN.Tech. Look forward to seeing some improvements in future versions.

On the topic of the Stripe checkout, I think the user experience could be improved for this in the desktop version as well. It presumes that you know what CVC means, which may not be obvious to everyone. (You can see that I’ve added some text to explain this in our hub.)