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I’d like to point out an error pages that I keep popping up and was wondering if something could be done about it: If you remove the /shop from any shop url (e.g. https://openfoodnetwork.org.uk/stroudco/). It would be nice if the user is instead taken to a landing page with infos about the food hub or the producer, or simply taken to the shop.

(on a side note: there is currently no way of directly linking to a producer profile if they don’t have their own shop, right?)



Hi Sebastian,

To us this is not an error. The correct URL to direct to a shop includes the ‘shop’ at the end. If the URL is too long you could try replacing with a bespoke Tinyurl so that you have a nice short link instead?

Currently only shops have direct URLs. We are aware of the need to direct to producers and products as URLs, particularly for social media. Currently, however, this has not been prioritised. If this is very important to you then let us know and we’ll upvote the feature in future priority cycles.

All the best,


Hi Lynne,

no it’s not too long, I was simply wondering why the /shop is necessary - if in a future release the url without the shop can lead to a profile page (for hubs and producers) this would be very nice! We’d like to present some more content about the hub and its members, but as a solution we’re currently looking at building an external site and embedding the shop there.