Order confirmation emails don't arrive

Carrying on my conversation with Lynne, yesterday I did not receive an order notification for order R173824244 and this morning, when all the “notify producer” emails went out, I did not get a copy of the email that (hopefully) went to Girish Patel, Dottie’s Pigs, Over Farm and Stroud Community Agriculture.

I have no junk filter and my webhost could not help either, other than to wonder if it’s something to do with the script that sends the emails or the fact that the emails appear to come through sendgrid.net

Looking at Sendgrid it appears that the emails are sometimes being blocked by a spam blocker after leaving our mail server. I will continue to look into this but this appears not to be a problem with OFN or Sendgrid.

There sometimes seem to be a few where I don’t get copies of Producer order emails but when I’ve checked with the producer they have actually received them?

This is what makes me think the sender email address is temporarily blocked by the receiving server. A high quantity of emails received at once can trigger the receiving server to block emails from that address. This block is lifted shortly later.

Can you try ensuring that hello@openfoodnetwork.org.uk is definitely in your contacts and safe list?

I’ve “white-listed” OFN in my webhosting control panel (in case that has any advantages over doing it in my mail client).

Unfortunately that was before I posted here and so didn’t prevent the emails getting lost.

Should we also “white-list” sendgrid?

Sendgrid is a mail server so whitelisting here is irrelevant.

Just wondering if it’s worth trying (and possible) to make the emails go out more slowly, so to avoid any temporary blocks.
Though our old software sent the emails all at once too and we never lost any.

Ok, so this issue has now been tracked down.

SpamCop is blocking some emails from Sendgrid as we are using an account that utilises shared IPs. This is due to the free plan that OFN UK uses with sendgrid meaning that we are sharing an IP with 100s of other users, any of whom might be getting blacklisted themselves. Sendgrid are working to help get delisted but this just cannot be guaranteed.

The OFN team will discuss options in upgrading our Sendgrid service or using a different provider to find a way around this issue.

Thanks very much for investigating. Hope you can find a solution soon!

Hi everyone,

I’ve made some changes to our SendGrid configuration, taking advantage of some of their new white labelling features that enable emails to come from our domain rather than SendGrid. This should improve deliverability.

Please would you keep track of undelivered emails over the coming weeks and make a note of them here so I can continue to gauge the scale of the issue. Specifically, date and who the recipient was. Recipient is important as almost all failed emails have been to Hubs and NOT producers.

@SaraR @olivermuller

That sounds promising, Lynne. I’ll keep an eye on things and update you on any issues.

Today, I received copies of all producer emails. Seem to have worked some magic Lynne, yippee!