Order confirmation emails - subject line

Is it possible for order confirmation emails to have the hub’s name in the subject line?

@OFN.UK @OFNSupport

Not just now, no - I don’t know how easy that would be to implement either?


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This would be relatively simple to implement. The only difficulty with changes like this is making this configurable, and ensuring we place this config in the most intuitive place.

I would suggest that we create a new tab within the Enterprise Details section called Mail Options. In the process of white labelling OFN we are going to get an increasing number of these kinds of requests so might as well create a place to capture them all.

This would then be the first configurable email function.
We then have the question of how configurable we make this subject line. Do we want users to be able to apply free text? Simply choose between their enterprise name or OFN UK? I’m going to check if the global community has feelings toward this.

How does that sound as a soluntion, @olivermuller?

Sounds great, thanks Lynne. Let’s see what others think.

Hey All,

This is over on github and I’ve followed up to get the conversation rolling again and look into the scope for having this change implemented.


Sinead - OFN Support

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