Order Cycle Customer Totals not working

When I try to run a report for order cycle customer totals, there are a few errors.

  1. selecting by order cycle will only produce some of the orders, not all, and in many cases does not list any orders.
  2. selecting by date shows all of the orders, but when I export as a .csv some of the orders are missing from the csv file.
  3. selecting dates using the calendar icon for start date, does not work.

any advice?

Hi Locavore,

It’s not as bad as it initially looks.

  1. Selecting the order cycle does NOT overwrite the date range so if your order cycle started on 27th February and you are running the report in March, you need to set the dates back to make sure it includes the Feb days. I find this counter-intuitive and have raised it before but at least it’s a minor issue once you know about it.

  2. Another counter-intuitive thing. If you tick the csv box you get report according to the current settings (dates etc) but it does NOT update the screen at the same time. If you want to see the report on screen you untick the csv box and update and then the screen shows the report ok. If you want both, you first set the dates, then run the report and then click csv and run it again. So to be clear, if you change the filter and click the csv box, the screen will not show the filtered report but the download will.

  3. True. This was working before and now isn’t. And you can’t type dashes into the fields either, so you have to just change the digits. I’ve raised this on the developers platform OFN use (github) as an issue/bug.

Hi Oliver
Ok we can deal with having to sort out the dates manually that is fine, however, when I run the report in the browser everything works fine, then without changing anything, and running the .csv report, some of the orders are missing from the .csv report. Everything works in the browser fine, but the .csv does not include all of the data.

That’s strange, I’ve run the report this morning for my order cycle last week and the csv has all the orders on it? Not quite sure what might be happening that’s different for you George?

Hi George,

Like Sarah I use the feature every week and I also can’t quite relate to the problem. Maybe @OFNSupport will have to check out what’s different your end and what may be causing it.


@Mags please can you check what is happening here? thanks