Order Cycle Update


Since the last release I’ve had intermittent error messages when updating the Order Cycle 19

Is this just me?! @Lynne.OFN.Tech @SineadOFNSupport


This is being worked on with high priority. Thanks for reporting as until now we had only seen with StroudCo.


@SaraR have you looked at Standing Orders before now? Please say anything you’ve done in relation to SO testing on Tamar. We thought this was SO related but if you haven’t used then it is not.


Sorry I haven’t been testing anything!


This might help @Lynne.OFN.Tech? I can clone and create and change and update an OC for the future but not the one which is currently open. I have just closed the current OC, successfully made some changes and then re-opened it. This can be used as a work around for now!


@SaraR useful workaround and good bit of investigating !
@Lynne.OFN.Tech this matches my experience as the OC that I managed to complete had a future opening date/time while in progress and I then set the time back to open it.