Order dates incorrect


Hi all

A few times recently people have been putting in orders but the date is incorrect in OFN. For example, someone put in an order this week (5th November) but it appears in OFN orders dated 27th October, which is a completely different order cycle. Weirdly, if I look at the order itself it shows the correct date. If we hadn’t have been chatting to the customer then we’d have not picked the order up and there is now an extra complication in that the order won’t show up in the pick list for this cycle. Any ideas?



Also, just discovered that some extra orders are appearing in my delivery report when they are outside the given date range. Linked problem?



Thanks for reporting this, our support team will look into this and get back to your as soon as possible.




Hi Simon,
I’ve emailed you at info@cultivate to ask a few more questions so we can track this down as quickly as possible.
All the best,