Paypal Transaction Fees


When you adjust the price or quantity of something on an order and the customer has paid by paypal the paypal transaction fee also changes which also makes their balance incorrect e.g. customer order is £52.33 and the transaction fee is £1.98, once their order is adjusted to £51.96 to reflect a change in price the transaction fee changes to £1.75. The Food Hub has already incurred the paypal charge but the customer has the benefit of the reduction in the transaction fee.


Thanks Sara.

This is clearly a bug and potentially applies to all adjustments based on a percentage.

I’ll open an issue on github about this.



can i check that this is now resolved?


Sorry Nick, still ongoing, not sure where the Github issue is?


Hi @SaraR, @Nick,

Here’s the link to the github thread

It’s on our UK development watch list and I’ll look toward following up on this for you and providing some feedback.

One thing I do wonder from a user perspective is your thoughts on an initial suggestion outlined on the thread:

“Alternatively, a bit easier, we could offer two buttons. One the updates the fees and one that doesn’t update the fees. So people can adjust the fees themselves if they wanted to.”


Sinead - OFN Support


Hi @SineadOFNSupport,

Thank you, this is also linked to this github issue as well which would not be affected by the update fees button solution.



Yes this sounds good to me but Stroudco doesn’t use PayPal so my opinion is less relevant than Sara’s