Point Of Sale software


Can anyone recommend a POS system? Has anyone used these Open Sourse systems and can comment https://opensource.com/tools/point-of-sale?

Are there plans to integrate a POS system with OFN?

Hi Minch
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In terms of open source POS, I am lead to believe that ODOO is a good one but it would be interesting to hear what others in the field think.

At the moment there isn’t an off-the-shelf integration between the OFN platform and any POS system. The OFN API is compatible with POS systems however and it is possible to integrate OFN with a point of sale app.

Please feel free to drop the support team (support@openfoodnetwork.org.uk) an email so we can discuss your needs further.

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Thanks for the pointer.
Do you think it would promote both systems if they were known to be integrated straight out of the box? Would there be room for collaboration here?