Problems with notification emails not arriving


We have ongoing issues with receiving copies of order confirmations to both consumers and suppliers. It seems they usually go through to the relevant consumer or supplier but as hub we don’t receive the copies.

Our mailserver is Sendgrid. We use a free account with shared IP meaning that we have only limited control over spam filters. However, the emails we are losing are to specific email addresses during transactional emails hence are at least in part our fault.

Sendgrid published a document on this issue as it is well known:


Our mail host replied to say they are working on the issue. We are being blocked by automated robots that troll the web looking for spam. It’s a hard thing to stop when you need to batch send transactional emails to a single address like we do.

One thing that might help is putting an ‘unsubscribe’ link at the bottom of the email. Issue opened :slight_smile:


Another task suggested by Maikel:

Will edit with results once I’ve done this.


@olivermuller @SaraR @Locavore
I now have the (current) definitive solution to this.
Our mail server, SendGrid, offers a free plan in which we have a shared IP with other users. There is little we can do to avoid this IP from occasionally popping up on spam radars. The cheapest plan in wich we get a dedicated IP costs £80/month… so we need to grow first!

When their IPs are blocked SendGrid actively want to know about it, and will take active steps to have the IP we are using delisted for the ‘blacklist’. This generally solves our problems for a time until some other user of the shared IP gets the IP blacklisted again.

At our current rate of email usage there is little we can do about this, apart from change mail providers. However there is not a better solution if we wish to continue to explore whitelabelling our emails (which we do). For the purposes of whitelabelling I feel this is a fair tradeoff.

Since this is affecting only emails CCed to Food Hubs and only at some times I would like to propose we live with this, actively managing our blocked emails, for the time being.

What OFN UK Will Do
Regularly monitor SendGrid for blocked mail. If any of this mail is important communication to a producer we will ensure it is forwarded on.

What We All Need To Do

  1. Be vigilant with our spam filters to ensure that no OFN emails hit our junk folders.
  2. Notify us if you don’t receive any mail that you know you should have. This will mean an IP is being blocked again and we need to contact SendGrid

How does that sound for the time being?


Although it’s not exactly a solution, I totally agree that £80 a month is out of the question. Some weeks it works perfectly fine.
Just now I closed our order cycle and sent supplier emails out and no copies have arrived in my inbox.


Sounds like a plan! I will keep my eyes peeled, ours were fine yesterday


No copy emails this morning, they are getting to producers though and were sent at about 10.50. No ccs as at 11.35


Same here. Lynne detected that one email didn’t get to the supplier and made me aware.

@OFN.UK is it worth approaching sendgrid about supporting a non-profit entity with a free dedicated IP address? Or would it help getting a dedicated IP from the webhost?


@olivermuller I’m in communication with SendGrid trying to work out a way forward.
The email that didnt make it to the supplier was marked as junk at the suppliers end, so that was not the mailservers fault.
To use our own dedicated IP we’d have to set up our own mailservers and would need to pay someone to manage that.


Stopped getting cc’s of customer orders at 10.23 yesterday and no supplier emails this morning. I get some of the supplier emails though and I’ve had a couple of acknowledgments so they are getting through


No cc’s of producer emails this morning, processed at 11.25 and nothing 30 minutes later. But emails seem to be getting to producers


Sporadic cc’s of customer orders as well.


Just stopped getting cc’s of customer orders and two specific producers suddenly not getting their order emails as well? Does anything need ‘unblocking’ @OFN.UK?


Had a cc of a customer order at 19.00 so seems to be working again?


Its tempoamental. I’m doing some tests on changing to another free email server as the problem is getting worse.


Black Mountain tell me that none of their producer emails are arriving. they are having to send manual emails.


Hey @Nick,

Just for records, the issues with Black Mountain emails and producer configuration has now been resolved.




Thanks @SineadOFNSupport … and here is a note for other users… If you are having this problem please check that the producer’s email address is showing in the ‘notifications’ box on this screen


I have had no copy emails this morning, they appear to arriving with producers though. Long time since this happened, has anything changed?


No copies of order emails, either consumer or producer, are arriving my end. As far as I know this started yesterday.

@SaraR any problems for you?