Problems with notification emails not arriving


All fine yesterday @olivermuller


Thanks @SaraR
@Lynne.OFN.Tech maybe you could have a look too as not all producers have got the emails this morning either. Not so fussed about copies to me.


Hi Oliver,
According to our mailserver the emails are timing out to This seems to be something on your end as all the other emails appear ok.
Could you let me know via slack the emails of producers that did not receive their emails and I will specifically look into them?


@SineadOFNSupport It would be great if together we could make a summary of this post, including solutions that have popped up along the way. We have some troubles a year ago but since then most issues have been small configuration corrections, spam blockers and whitelisting. It would be great to create a trouble shooting guide :slight_smile: Let me know when you have time and we can flesh it out.


That’s grand. I’ll look at pooling together the resources out there into one and we can flesh out from there and get a guide up.




Thanks Lynne for your help figuring out that the problem was my end. One producer called that morning saying she hadn’t received an order and as I didn’t get the copies I feared the worst but it must have been her.


Hi Oliver, just checking if you’ve had any more problems with emails or if you’ve got it solved now?


No problems last week apart from a very short delay in receiving emails. I really don’t know if it’s permanently sorted and what has changed. I’m obviously keeping an eye on it every week.



producers did not get emails today
obviously I didn’t get copies either

only some sales order notifications arrived


Producer emails and copies worked for me yesterday but shopper confirmation emails seemed to stop working?


We’ve been looking into this and have made some tweaks. Please do continue to report issues with emails not arriving. The intermittent nature of the issue makes it very difficult to track this down.
Thanks everyone!


We had an odd issue last week where one of the notification emails seemed to get stuck and only arrived several days later.

The order was placed on 21 May 2018 at 22:14. The notification email was sent on 24 May 2018 at 18:00.

We had several other orders that day and the notification for these all arrived on the day. It was just this one that was delayed. It was the last order we received that day.

I hope this is helpful!


Thanks @wmortada. We found some issues here and upon fixing them some old emails came through late. Apologies for the inconvenience that caused! This problem has now been fixed. Thanks for reporting!


Ah, that explains it. Thanks for letting me know. It wasn’t a problem, just seemed a bit odd at the time.


A new producer got their first order email and then for the last two weeks, they haven’t? Its not in their Spam and they don’t have a firewall. Emails from my email address are getting through. The email address is Any ideas @SineadOFNSupport, @Lynne.OFN.Tech Thank you