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I’ve had to give a few refunds for products using the ‘adjustment’ function. When I look back at the order it shows Payment state: credit owed, Shipment state: pending. However, when the customer runs another order they don’t get that credit. My understanding was that their next order cost would be reduced by the amount of credit they have. Any ideas please?


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Hi Simon,
I think we’ve met but you won’t remember. It was in the waste/recycling field rather than food.

OFN doesn’t do what you want, which you may think makes the whole exercise pointless. Maybe it does, maybe not. I basically handle all finance on our bookkeeping software, which includes credits. It would be nice if OFN deducted credits from following orders but it doesn’t. In fairness, most ecommerce software doesn’t. Maybe OFN can add it to their dev wish list.

Just to add, this is something that is currently being worked on. We agree the bugs in this aspect of the system are unforgivable and greatly diminish the utility of the software. We’ll continue to report as improvements come to these aspects of the platform.

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Thanks for the update. Yes, that does make the exercise a bit pointless but glad OFN are looking into it. Obviously the ideal would for us to be able to choose to credit the account or refund directly back to the payment method (Stripe, bank card, etc.) So, what I have to do is manually go into PayPal and give a refund? No other other options at this stage?

Lynne - do we know when you think OFN will be able to do something like this?

Oliver, intrigued to know where we’ve met… :slight_smile:

Hi Simon,

We sort of met when you did a presentation at an event in Cheltenham. I also do work for Community R4C.

I don’t think there is an alternative but have a look at How do we make a refund? in case the workaround offered there helps.

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@Cultivate A fix to allow partial refunds via Stripe is ready to be added to the next release. It will need to go through some testing but we’re expecting to see it live within the next month:

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Great, thanks. We’re just shifting to Stripe so…

any more update on this for those using bank transfers for their payment option ?

If people are using bank transfer then the only option is to do a bank transfer back again. OFN doesn’t have access to your bank account so this is a manual step.
For this reason many users prefer to encourage people away from bank transfers, as for many hubs the cost savings of the free payment is quickly outweighed by the costs of additional administration.

We are also working on functionality such that OFN credit can be used internally to OFN, so a refund just becomes OFN credit that the customer can see and use on each order with ease. If this feature is of interest to you let us know and we can explore increasing the priority.

Hi Lynne

yes keeping it on the OFN system to offset again their order next week would be what i was after, no point refunding to their account for them to pay you again the next week - the admin is not a chore with bank transfers, its just remember to add the credit on to their next order but having this as an automatic internal OFN feature would be fab so yes if you could explore increasing this as a priority that would be perfect.