Product Categories

Hi all
I know this has been discussed and ‘closed’ many times but I believe it is an issue which will continue to evolve over time as OFN has new producers and grows.
I understand that the list of products should be as succinct as possible but for Country Markets to use OFN successfully as an online retail platform I think there are a few categories missing (or perhaps ones which could be relabelled if the rest of the community is in agreement).
Firstly, CM cooks make a range of savoury food items in every market across England and Wales. At the moment there is no category for this, other than ‘other food’. ‘Savouries’ is more generic than ‘homemade ready meal’ and would encompass a lot of foods.
Secondly, ‘tasty treats’ is not a category that we would use and I think StroudCo have said similar. Would ‘confectionery’ be a more appropriate alternative?
Thirdly, Country Markets are 1/3 cook, 1/3 grow and 1/3 craft by nature. At the moment the OFN product categories are heavily weighted to food (‘grow’ would go under ‘fruit and veg’ and ‘plants, flowers…’). It would be very good if we were able to have at least one more non food taxon. Perhaps ‘greetings cards’. Certainly West Midlands Country Markets (and I imagine others) see there to be great potential for OFN to help us sell craft items. At the moment it is not customer friendly as they are all ‘lumped’ together.
Many thanks, Louise

Hi @louisew yes this conversation about categories will need to be regularly reopened as OFN grows. We will be adding new categories to suit our growing user base. However we want to do this very carefully as we want to keep the list as tight as possible and we don’t want to be deleting categories that people have started to use…

So this is a call out to all users to tell us if it would be useful to them to have 2 new categories of:

  1. Savouries
  2. Greetings cards

In the meantime Louise we recommend that CM producers offering cards put the word ‘card’ in the product description so that shoppers can search for card and filter in this way

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Hi @louisew we have had no response here to our suggestions above so as a step towards your request we have changed ‘TASTY TREATS’ into ‘SAVOURIES AND TASTY TREATS’.

The reason we are being hesitant about adding new categories is that the longer the list of categories the more cluttered the shopfronts become.

We are of course open to this conversation continuing so that we can find a consensus of product categories that we can all live with :slight_smile: