Product Category/Taxon Creation: The Possibilities of Non-Food Items

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Molly here, hello! I am currently working with piloting West Midlands Country Markets on OFN. It turns out that Country Markets have built their brand image around selling cooked goods (sweet and savoury), plants AND craft (knitwear, cards, glass work, wood work).

While it is already catered for under “non-food products”, what would the community think about a specific “craft” taxon? Craft could be argued to relate to food in a similar way that plants do. Both play supporting roles: non-edible plants encourage edible plants to grow, hand-made crafts enhance a table setting or a kitchen drawer.

Depending on the community’s thoughts on this, in order to avoid category clutter “tasty treats” and/or “products” could potentially be replaced by “crafts” (both appear when I am setting up a new product).

Would love your thoughts on this!

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Hi Molly,
Great to see you on Discourse! Well done on all the fantastic work you’ve been doing with West Midlands Country Markets.

I agree that “non-food items” doesn’t fairly encapsulate the range of crafts that are central to country markets. And crafts are important, not just to kitchens but also within land based work to add value in other parts of the farm.

The idea would be to create sub-taxons under the “non-food items”. In my mind “crafts” and “cleaning products” make sense, alongside the existing “health & beauty”.

Importantly, while we are still adapting to the needs of our young community, we also need to be sure that we keep the taxon list under control as it could easily get unwieldy and a streamlined taxon list is important for the global OFN project.

I’d be interested to hear what other in the community think? @olivermuller @SaraR @Locavore @Alex @JeffScreeton (sorry to anyone I’ve missed)


Hi All,

I’m surprised some of those categories are even there. We went through this clean-up process a year ago to remove categories and avoid having a very long list of them. It had to be done UK wide and required quite a bit of co-ordination as all the categories we wanted to remove had to be emptied. So all OFN users in the UK at the time had to make sure none of their items used these.

The categories that should be there are

Fruit & Veg
Bread & Baking
Dry Goods
Tea & Coffee
Juices & Soft Drinks
Alcoholic Drinks
Other Food
Non-Food Items
Flower, Plants and Garden

We shouldn’t have Tasty Treats, Health & Beauty, Herbs & Spices, Oils & Vinegars or Preserves, Sauces and Spreads. Though admittedly I too have items in some of them.

@OFN.UK There is to my knowledge no visible difference between categories/taxons and sub-categories/taxons. In the front end it doesn’t produce any more of an orderly list than having only main categories and in the back end you end up being able to use “products” as a category when you are really meant to choose one of its sub-categories.

Hi @olivermuller,
You are right there is no front end difference if taxons are nested. Just backend differences.

Additional categories were added to clean up broken data some time last year. So that is why there are additional categories to your expectation.

The challenge with categories is to have them be meaningful and useful (Other Food?), yet concise (Tea & Coffee?).

We will soon be having the conversation on an international level to unify all taxons globally. So I will carry this conversation there. I’ll post a link here when I do so you can follow it and contribute your thoughts.


Hi guys,

Thanks for the feedback on this. The marketeers will be very happy.

Here is the conversation on the international forum.
Please do add your comments about your experiences with taxons!

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Thank you for the link!

Is it possible for the UK to add craft as a category while the logistics of Myriam’s proposal are being worked out?

The market members would separate craft into: house and home, clothing and jewelry, gifts (cards).

I understand if that is too many taxons (options for the envisioned sub-categories perhaps) but “craft” is a distinct taxon not currently interchangeable with anything other than “nonfood products” and could perhaps take the place of “tasty treats”.

Many thanks as always!

Hi Molly,
Ok I’ve added ‘Crafts’ as a taxon to support Country Markets members.

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