Products appear in shopfront despite not being included in order cycle

Today I changed items for our Spanish producer Biovergel in BEP. I changed some prices and made stock available.
As you can see from the following screenshot, the produce was excluded from the current order cycle. I upped the stock in preparation for the next one.

But then I received an order for Spanish produce and found out that the items were appearing in the shop.
[you’ll have to take my word for it - apparently new users can only post one image per post]

The only way to remove them again was to amend the stock of the 19 items in question back to 0.

I’ve also found that I can’t delete a producer from order cycles.

Hi Oliver,

I have looked over this and can’t see why the product were still appearing. I have tested the functionality and if incoming products are not selected, they do not appear in the shop front. It may sound obvious, but had you updated the order cycle after making your changes? Any changes you make on the ‘Edit Order Cycle’ page will not translate to the shop front until you hit the Update button at the bottom of the page.

If this happens again, please drop me an email at before making any further changes and I will look at it in real time and see if I can spot what’s happening.

In terms of deleting a producer, at what stage are you trying to delete them? You cannot delete a producer from an order cycle if that cycle has already opened and orders have been placed for them. Producers will also always appear in the ‘Producers’ tab at the top of your shop, even if you are not stocking them in that order cycle. This tab displays the enterprise relationships, rather than the specific producers for that order cycle.


Hi Mags,

“It may sound obvious, but had you updated the order cycle after making your changes?”

Yes. In fact the order cycle already looked like this before I changed the stock. It was after I noticed the problem that I went into the order cycle to check and it already looked the way you see in the screenshot.

“In terms of deleting a producer, at what stage are you trying to delete them?”

I was looking at future order cycles. For example if I try to delete Biovergel from our 16th July order cycle, it seems to disappear. I click save and wait and on refreshing the page they are back!

Hi Oliver,

On the first issue:
Unfortunately I haven’t been able to reproduce this on Stroudco shopfront. Another thought is that the product cache hadn’t been updated by the time you testing in the shop front. It may have been that after all 19 products had been updated the changes had flowed through the cache. Might that fit with your experience?

On the second issue:
Although it did take a long time to save the order cycle (we have some speed improvements coming through on the next release) after the order cycle did finally save this updated correctly. Biovergal has been removed from the July 16th shopfront. We’re really looking forward to the speed upgrades on the ordercycle too!

Hi Mags,

So Biovergel did get removed when you tried it? But it didn’t work for me! A permission issue?

Yesterday I set all the Biovergel stock to zero, saved it and checked the shop front. All looked good, with no produce showing.
Just now when I went to the shop front, the produce was back again and in the admin area each items was showing stock again.

Any ideas?


PS. Obviously I set them to zero once again just now.

Hi again Oliver,

I was logged in as Nick at the time and you have higher permissions than he. Can you reconfirm that when you save the incoming producers changes they are still not saving? The process should be a lot faster now.

Can you monitor if the items revert back again? If so can you track time of changes (to zero and back) so that I can compare with other things happening on ther servers.


Hi Lynne,

It’s working now and WOW, the OC saves!!! And quickly too!