Products not showing up on shopfront

I’m concerned that some of my products are appearing strangely on the shopfront despite having a positive stock number in the inventory and being added to the order cycle (incoming and outgoing)

  1. How the product appears on the shopfront:

  2. How it appears on the inventory:

  3. How it appears in the order cycle:


Hi Alice
Thank you so much for highlighting this problem. I have just looked into it and can’t find that there is anything obvious wrong and hence suggests there might be a glitch in our systems.
I will contact the global development team and see if they can resolve the problem.
Thank you for your patience.
Kind regards Louise

Hi Alice
I have sorted a work around for those products effected so that customer can place orders. I will email you details shortly.
Kind regards

Hi Louise, thanks for the reply. It’s all looking good now and seems to be fixed. I assume it was a glitch?

Hi Alice
This is all fixed now :slight_smile: