Questions regarding Overrides in Inventory


I might be missing something obvious but the override isn’t working in the inventory.
I want to override some of the product prices, but only a few of them are editable.

Any help would be appreciated


Hi Alice,

I can’t seem to replicate your issue. I hope you can give me some more details to help me track sown what you mean.

Could you confirm:

  • Do you see all the products you expect lists in the Inventory page? If not can you describe what you expect to see and do not?
  • If the products all appear could you explain what happens when you click in the price box? Can you click into it? Can you type the price? Does it save?
  • If the prices save correctly is the issue that the overridden prices do not appear in the shopfront correctly?

Thanks for the extra information!

Best wishes,


Hi Lynne,
I went back to the inventory to see what extra detail I could give and it now seems to be working.
I’m pretty certain I wasn’t imagining it (!). What had happened was I could see all the products I expected but when I clicked on the price box I couldn’t type in a new number. Maybe it was just a temporary glitch?
Thank you anyway,


Sounds curious. Not something I’ve heard of before. Will keep an eye out for future glitches like this.
Thanks for reporting.


I may just have been doing something wrong at the time… Anyway, glad it’s working now :slight_smile: