Ready meals option


I have a supplier who creates ready meals so would be good to have this as one of the options please


Hi @RuHunnypot ,

Ready Meal are now available as an option for products.


Any questions, do let us know.



Fab, glad thats been added


Would it be possible to have a category for ‘Meal box’ (or a similar term?) - we offer recipe cards with ingredients in the right amounts (similar to Hello Fresh), so it’s not prepared, but an assembled bag/box.

(On that note - would it be possible to have Fruit and Vegetables as separate categories?)


Is it possible to have another new category - i.e. Food Boxes (veg and more)


Perhaps just ‘Boxes’ which can include Meal Boxes, Veg Boxes, Gift Boxes and … any other boxes?


Great idea. Thanks Lynne.


OK @seprost and @GoLocal ‘Boxes’ is now a product category image


@seprost to pick up on your point about fruit and veg being separate categories… we try to keep the categories as high-level as possible to minimise clutter at the top of the shopfront. If we were to separate fruit and veg into 2 categories we would need to ask all our users to re-categorise all their existing products…


Hi Nick,
thanks for letting me know about the boxes category - that’s very helpful!
I take your point about keeping it high-level. It’s not really a problem for us, as we don’t have much fruit on offer at the moment. I only feel it’s a bit arbitrary (fish & meat could equally be one category but get their own). Maybe as a future feature request: It would be ideal if each shop can define its own categories, depending on the specific offer.



OK @seprost we will add that to the wishlist. We will need to think about how we manage the situation where one producer is selling through multiple shopfronts all of whom want to categorise those products differently… Maybe we could do that through the inventory tool. Food for thought :slight_smile:


Yes very good point! The inventory seems like a logical place to do this.