Recurring order cycles?

If I understand the setup correctly, there is no way to have recurring order cycles. In other words, for our veg, we want to open our shop to wholesalers every Monday, closing Wed morning, and every Wednesday afternoon closing Friday morning. I would need to manually set up an order cycle twice a week, every week.

Is this correct or is there a way to have recurring orders where all I have to do is just update the quantities?

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Hi @rachel
Recurring order cycles are on their way but don’t yet exist.
What most people do is to just copy order cycles. You can set them up into the future and batch copy once a month (or the most convenient regularity for you).

Here is a screenshot from the Order Cycles screen. The copy button is on the far right.


I agree it would be useful and yet, I’m not sure how much I would use recurring order cycles. I’ve got so many people who are sometimes available and sometimes not or who add new products but don’t realise they need to add them to the order cycle (which means they are shown in the oc but not selected). So it can actually be very useful to scan through the OC every week.

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