Retaining and building a strong customer base for a community food enterprise

The weekly webinars that we ran through the COVID lockdown (detail here) are now morphing into support sessions for community food enterprises.

This is the recording of the transition webinar where Helston Local Food Hub receives some advice from marketing specialist Kayleigh Reed about how to build a social media campaign post lockdown. These are Kay’s slides with notes recorded by Gen during the webinar.

These are the subjects for the upcoming webinars:

  • Wednesday 10th June 16.30: webinar and Q&A on the topic: “how to use marketing to retain customers beyond the Coronavirus pandemic”

  • Wednesday 17th June 16.30: Social Media Essentials webinar with Q&A

  • Wednesday 24th June 16.30: Social Media Improvers webinar with Q&A

To join any of these webinars click on this link

Thanks to everyone who came to the webinar today!

Please find the new Open Food Network Facebook Group here. Once you have joined, go to “units” in the lefthand menu, then choose unit 1 - “Customer Retention” where you will find the video of the webinar, the accompanying slides, and a link to an article which covers this topic.

Any issues or you don’t use Facebook, you can also find the webinar recording here.

The accompanying slides are here and an additional blog post on the same topic here.

All future sessions will be notified through the facebook group here

Just had a good session with Taunton Country Markets where we discussed the pros and cons of having a shopfront which is never ‘closed’ (order cycles are set up so that as one closes the next immediately opens) vs having a closed period in which suppliers can adjust their stock levels for the following order cycle.

With thanks to Tom Readings, he suggested this wording for the ‘shopfront closed message’ if there is a gap between order cycles so that prospective shoppers are encouraged to come back later.