Route planning software

Stroudco is planning to do a lot of home deliveries. please can anyone recommend good route planning software.

Also is there a quick way to link addresses from OFN orders into the software?


Hi Nick,
OFN can integrate automatically with GetSwift:

The software costs 29c (USD) per delivery which works out to about 25p.
The software offers route planning and notifications for deliveries to shoppers.

This is the software we usually recommend, though so far OFN Hubs tend to use a combination of local knowledge and regular map software to plan their deliveries.

Hope that helps.

Kent Food Hubs are setting up with system called Paper Round.
This is software designed for newspaper deliveries but serves the purposes of food hub deliveries well.

Here are some of the route planning options we have reviewed.

This is a favourite at the moment. We are looking into it more fully and will review soon: