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Hi all
As far as West Midlands Country Markets can tell, at the moment the ‘search’ dialogue box at the top of the customer page only searches through words in the titles of products.
It would be great if this could be extended to either encompass searching the product descriptions or metatags (these seem to be dormant/obsolete function at the moment). It would prevent titles becoming overly long and cumbersome.
Many thanks


Hey @louisew,

Thank you for your post, it would be great hear from the OFN community too about their views and opinions on this and open up the wider discussion on how we streamline this better whilst also ensuring the search functionality remains relevant and useful.

My one main reservation I think worth considering is around relevancy and that search results could be saturated with items not entirely relevant? I’m thinking of longer product descriptions for instance that may contain serving serving suggestions or something more “abstract”.

@Nick @Lynne.OFN.Tech @olivermuller @SaraR, any thoughts on this one or things you would like to see improved RE searching?

I also think there’s a separate (albeit all related) point here about the meta keywords and descriptions functionality. I’ll look into this further and see what’s going on here, as you mention, it seems logical these could be utilised.




I’d leave it alone. Not too long ago OFN kindly updated the search function to include variants and to exclude word parts (I remember the example where a search for tea also returned steak). That helped a lot. But I wouldn’t include descriptions. People would think what on earth is going on when they see products returned which seem totally irrelevant to their search, not knowing that there is something that was picked up in the description.

Already now a search for tea also bring up tea tree shampoo and coffee (because it’s in the Tea and Coffee category. A search for bread returns everything in the bread and baking category, including cakes. So I think I’d go the other way and exclude more things.


I have not used the metatags but seems like this could be a good solution. I completely agree with @SineadOFNSupport’s warning that if we search the entire description box, then a search would pick up the word ‘pie’ if it had been used to describe a serving suggestion for a product such as ‘custard’ (maybe a bad example but you get my drift!)


@louisew we have put this out to the global OFN community to see if we can get help funding some exploration of this. See


This is actually a smaller issue and suitable for a newcomer to the project. Hence I don’t think we need to crowdfund the solution :slight_smile:


Susana is now working on this - we will keep you posted


thankyou for all your help


Hi all,
Just wanted to let you know that this feature has just been released!
You can add meta keywords on products. To do this:

  1. Click the products tab
  2. Choose the product you want to edit and click the edit icon
  3. Choose the Search option from the side menu
  4. Add the keywords that you would like to be searchable in the field “Product Search Keywords”