Searching for variants

Please can we include variants in a search? So that when Stroudco shoppers search for ‘Parsley’ it comes up as an option

I noticed that too and I still think that searches should only be for whole words so that “tea” doesn’t bring up “steak”

Hi @Nick
This issue is in part caused that this user is pushing the concept of variant. Arguably these could be separate products. However I think there is a good case for including variant name in the search. If these were flavours of a quiche the example would be much more clear :slight_smile:

This has now been captured in
So we can follow the progress there…

Yes, tis a good point @olivermuller
Here is a new issue for this

Hey All,

Product variants were previously displayed in the shopfront in random order. This has been fixed by sorting them alphabetically and then by unit size


Sinead - OFN Support