Setting up Standing Orders

IS it possible to set up standing orders for customers

e.g. 1 granary loave every week

1 large veg box every week for 3 months
or every 2 weeks.

So I don’t have to add manually on their behalf and risk forgetting…

Thank you

Not yet, @candace. I’ve been wondering whether to offer people to order manually on their behalf. Is that something you do?

I’ve been waiting for this feature for 2 years so no longer holding my breath.

yes at the moment i do manually for a few customers who struggle with IT and order regularly. not ideal - customer gets top service but I am getting older quicker than I’d like to! esp. if I forget on long line of other things to coordinate etc and then have to chase baker to add on…

Also want people to commit to regular weekly/bi weekly/monthly order so I can assure our farmers/producers that the community supports them for a length of time they know what’s coming in and us too - having to do this manually and having an order book and remembering to do each week or whenever will become a time drain nightmare on me…so we have offered this but at moment its down to me to put it in manually if anyone requests eeek.

A standing order function will be the answer with a time limit option I don’t know how its done but please can we have one someone