Shopfront load speed


I have also posted this under the 1.8.3 release topic in the global community. Load speed is meant to be improved but I can’t tell any difference and have taken a screen video at 11.30 this morning to show how I experience the shopfront.


Hi Oliver,

Thanks for posting, the global community is the best place to bring this up as they’re continuing to work on improving loading speeds - it may be that the expected update hasn’t fully run yet so we’re not experiencing the benefits. I will share with our developer team on Github too.



@olivermuller @SaraR
Would you do some more testing on the shopfront load speed. v1.8.4 has just been deployed with some significant speed improvements. This should help with loading on mobile devices, older PCs and slower internet connections.



I had a go just now and found it SIGNIFICANTLY faster!!

Selecting categories is much faster, searching is much faster, it’s a great improvement!!!


Wow, what a massive improvement, no unresponsive script message and it loaded on my Windows phone really quickly. I’ll ask our iPad users who have been having problems to try it out as well. Brilliant work!


iPad users also very happy!