Showing out of stock products in the shop front

Currently when a product is out of stock it disappears from your shop front. We’ve had a hub request that these stay on the shop front but appear as 'sold out. There is the functionality to do this but only at instance level i.e. it is either switched on for all enterprises on OFN UK or switched off for all.

How would hubs feel about us switching this facility on? It would mean that smaller hubs’ shopfronts wouldn’t look too empty if they sell out of products quickly, and could be useful for encouraging people to order early. But I’m aware bigger hubs may feel it clutters up their shop front a bit.

Any thoughts? @Nick @SaraR @olivermuller @Locavore

For Stroudco I’d definitely rather not show sold out items.

I can see the use of showing sold out items as I get people asking me where an item is when there’s only been a limited number available for that week. However, it depends how this affects controlling availablity through the order cycle.

Most producers currently control availabilty by adjusting their stock down to zero rather than taking the product out of the order cycle as many can’t get their heads around order cycles, I think i’ve just talked myself round to Oliver’s viewpoint!

I agree with Sara and Oliver IF we have to decide this at an instance level. HOWEVER, i think it would be great if we could switch this functionality on and off at an enterprise level or even better at a producer level because i think it would be really useful in some cases. @OFNSupport if you agree please could you open a github for this? Thanks

Thanks for your input everyone, it sounds like the majority would prefer to keep it as it is for now. There is a thread over on the International Forum about why it is currently set at instance level rather than enterprise, if there’s no good reason we will pass it onto the dev team to see if they can change this.


Hi again, was this ever revisited? I would like to have sold out products on our shop so people know what is available and are encouraged to order earlier in the cycle.