Stock reset / inventory problems - please help investigate


Hi All,

Several times now, the Stroudco OFN shop has “run out” of stock of items that shouldn’t have run out and it always affects produce where stock needs resetting after an order cycle has closed.
The logical assumption would be that I forgot to hit the reset button. But as I go through the same routine every week I’m quite sure that that’s not it.

In inventory settings I can set the stock level to which OFN is meant to revert but it seems to me that “on demand” has to be ticked for this to work properly. If I’m not mistaken, the problems have always occurred with products where that on demand box wasn’t ticked, which, by the way, doesn’t affect the master list in Bulk Edit Products, where “on demand” can be set separately.

While the above, if true, would give me the answer, I still have doubts. I’ve not touched these settings recently and only I manage those enterprises, their listings, and my inventory. So even if the answer is that I simply need to make sure “on demand” is ticked in inventory settings, why was it unticked?

I’m a bit at a loss how to test this thoroughly because I can’t tell if it was my own user error or if not, when the problem occurs. Hence I’d welcome any sharing by other users or any insights from the technical crew on how inventory settings interact with each other and with the master product list.


@OFNSupport could we copy the database onto staging and see if we (maybe Oliver) can recreate the issue there?


I’ve had a good play on production and haven’t been able to figure it out. It would be a good start to know if it’s true that On Demand needs to be ticked in Inventory and how it differs from putting stock into inventory and setting a stock reset level at the same time.


Further testing using the following settings


The eggs were set to stock qty 10 - not shown above.

Purchasing 2 each of all the variants results in the following.

It’s really quite a confusing set up but I think it’s probably so far working as intended. The inventory can make something unlimited and it won’t affect the master list, so that a producer can set a stock of 10 but tell shop A they can have as much as they like. Hard to see why this would happen in practice.

If the master list has unlimited stock of a variant, the stock reset function doesn’t do anything in practice.


I was definitely wrong that “on demand” has to be ticked. On the contrary, if this is done either in inventory or BEP, people can over-order.


Hey @olivermuller,

I’m trying to get my head around this once and it is rather confusing. Is this still something that is causing you issues and confusion? It would be good to understand and see your workflow visually over a call so we can look at what’s intended against what’s happening in reality.




Hi Sinead,

I don’t think it needs anything doing right now though I think in the long term it needs clarifying, meaning exactly how inventory settings interact with the master list and what the different settings do.



This is exactly the sort of information I wouldlike to be in teh new user guide. I will flag it up to @simone as an example