Stocking products from another producer or hub

I want to sell products from another producer or hub already on OFN, but I want to sell them at a different price. Is this possible without affecting the price the producer uses in their own shop?

Yes this is possible to do using the enterprise relationships and product inventory functions.

Firstly, you need to contact the producer or hub by phone or email to negotiate supplying you. OFN can do many things, but it can’t replace those important business conversations! Once you have come to an agreement about prices and supplying, you need to do the following.

  • The supplying producer needs to set up an enterprise relationship with the distributor. Logged in as the supplier, select ‘Enterprises’ from the main menu, then ‘Enterprise Relationships’ from the green sub-menu below. In the first box select the supplier, and in the second box search for and select the distributor. Tick the boxes marked ‘To add to order cycle’ AND ‘To add products to inventory’, and click the ‘create’ button - a new enterprise relationship should show up below.

  • The distributing hub needs to add the supplier’s products to their inventory Logged in as the distributor, select ‘Products’ from the main menu,and ‘Inventory’ from the green sub menu below. There should be a notification reading ‘There are xx products available to add to your inventory’. Click on ‘Review Now’ and select the products form the supplier that you would like to stock. When you return to the inventory these should now show up, and you can edit the prices and quantities in stock without affecting any shop the supplier is running.

You can then proceed with creating an order cycle as normal - the distributor will be able to stock all the products of the supplying producer, but will only be able to modify the prices and stock levels of those products that have been added to the inventory.

You can read more about the inventory functionality here. The support team can help with setting up enterprise relationships or introducing potential suppliers and hubs, but enterprises need to negotiate themselves the terms of their supply, including wholesale price agreements or minimum pricing.

If you’ve any further questions, please do get in touch by commenting below

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