Tagging of variants - is this a bug?

I have created variants of products and called them “Full Members Discount”. The tag is “full-member”. The variants are meant to only show for tagged members at a cheaper price.

In the shopfront the variant title is not Full Members Discount, however, but full-member, the name of the tag.

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Hi Oliver,

Looks like it’s a bug, we’re having an issue with a few of the labels on the site at the mo so it may be connected to that. Will look into it more this afternoon for you and see if I can come up with a work around for now.


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This isn’t a bug. It is an issue with the translation file not compiling correctly. Unfortunately fixing this means taking the server down but I have been continually looking into this over the past week. The usual fixes aren’t working unfortunately. I will keep you posted.

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Thanks Lynne! I’m sure we can live with a server reboot if that’s what is needed. Is it linked to the strange looking labels? In which case I’m guessing you’ll have to do it eventually in any case?

If only the server reboot fixed it :-/

I’m pretty sure this was working ok now when I last tested. I’m going live with one of these tagged variants tomorrow and will let shout if there are any more issues.