Time Out Feature on Baskets

Has OFN considered a count-down timer after which your baskets empties?

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I’m not sure it’s needed Molly, because it doesn’t affect stock or anything else until it’s checked out.
On the contrary a recent new development is that people will be able login, shop, logout and later come back and carry on shopping without losing the content.

Hey @Garveymo,

Would be good to get a bit more information on how you envisage this working?

Would it be over a few days, where if a user comes in, adds a bunch of stuff to their basket but doesn’t complete it, would the cut off be X days, or would it be the end of that order cycle in which they started adding to their basket?

Or would it be stricter and on a shorter time basis where a user has X amount of time to complete an order - much like you see on payment pages for instance


Sinead - OFN Support

Hi Sinead,

The thinking was for a short timer, say 30 minutes-1 hour, from the moment you start shopping.

It depends whether stock depletes once it is added to the basket or once it is bought.
If stock depletes once an item is added to the basket then the risk is run of an item being withheld from general sale only to be not bought in the end, and if it only depletes once purchased then the risk ran is that another shopping could select the same item and purchase it before the original shopper, potentially leaving the original shopper to reorder according the sudden new stock levels.

Not urgent but interesting to explore,

Hey @Garveymo,

I think you make a really good point, it was along the lines I was also thinking off in terms of stock depletion and if there are a large number of users shopping at once - something to think about as OFN get’s bigger without a doubt.

I’ve added this to our UK wishlist and will follow up with the International community and open up the discussion.