Unable to set time for order cycle


I’m unable to set the time for when an order cycle opens and closes. I can set the date, but the widget for setting the time seems to be broken.

I’ve tried this in both Firefox and Chromium on Linux so I don’t think it’s a browser specific problem.

See the screenshot below.


As a workaround, I am able to set the time by editing the numbers manually in the top box.


As far as I know this has never worked but as you say, at least it can easily enough be typed in. I would imagine that because of the easy workaround it’s probably also fairly low priority for the dev team to fix.


Ah, okay. Thanks for letting me know.


Thanks for reporting this. Changes were made to the date picker on specifically the dates but as you highlight the time is not functioning as expected.

I’ll be creating a error report for this and logging it on our github for the development team to fix. I’ll follow up with any updates as they come through.

Thanks again for highlighting and apologies for the inconvenience.




Thanks @SineadOFNSupport