'Unresponsive script message' on Customer page

Getting this message below and unable to set up new wholesale customers? Unfortunately clicking on Contine or Stop Script doesn’t seem to deal with it?

This is an issue with our server performing slowly, Lynne is looking into it and we’ll update you soon. @Locavore is the only other hub currently setting up customers from the back end and tagging them, have you experienced any problems Reuben?


Is there any update on this issue @OFNSupport, it’s still happening and I can’t add any new wholesale customers at the mo. Thanks

Hi @SaraR,

Just checking in on this, is this still an issue you’re having?



Afraid so? Is it a Mac issue?

@SaraR I believe so. I’m able to add myself.

@Ewan-Support would you be able to test this on your mac please

  1. log in to admin
  2. go to customers
  3. enter a shop in the blue field
  4. click new customer in the top right and add a random email

Actually @SineadOFNSupport I think this is Firefox, I’ve just tried this in Chrome and its OK, wish I’d thought of that before!

@SaraR hmm works fine for me so may be specific to firefox on mac.

@Ewan-Support Worth a try and another user brought up a different issue but using the same setup, so worth to see if this is a wider issue too