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Hi all,
I’m helping Country Markets set up on OFN and was wondering if it would be possible to make individual variants ‘clickable’.
Country Markets sell hand/home-made craft items as well as food and plant–thankyou for adding ‘craft’ as a category. There is still a vast range of items which can be listed under this title and so I was trying to think of ways to ‘streamline’ the products as they are shown to customers. If it would be possible to add ‘thankyou cards’, for instance, as a ‘product’ and then have individual designs (all one-offs) as variants (with a different photo so the customer can see exactly what they are buying) then that would be great. Currently, you can upload a different photo for each variant but it doesn’t display until the checkout stage, which is not customer-friendly. The only option is to list each card as a different product. This will be similar for most craft items made by producers in Country Markets (most are one-offs). The customer is then faced with scrolling through 2 pages of cards to find an apron they want, or vice versa.
If variants were made ‘clickable’ it would benefit food listings too. For instance, at the moment if someone lists ‘jam’ as a product and has variants of ‘strawberry’, ‘raspberry’ etc, they only have one ‘description box’ to write the ingredient list in- photos may not be as important in this case as one jar of one jam looks very similar to another.
Best wishes Louise

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Thanks Louise, I posted an response in your ‘Clickable Variants’ post as I think we could explore these two at the same time.

Thankyou for following this idea up.

I didn’t even know variant images appear at checkout. I assumed they just don’t work. But yes, it is a bit useless like this. I too have had to put the description for different variants all into the main product description, so I know what you mean.

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I wondered if there was any more progress or interest in this query? It would be very very useful for Country Markets (and I feel others) if we could have ‘clickable’ variants and fixed web addresses for products. This would make the products searchable from the outside web, wouldn’t it?

Hi all, I was wondering if there as any possibility of a follow up on this?
Many thanks

Hey All,

I agree this is a good idea. I’ve had some brief discussions with the team in Aus and I’ve opened up a discussion on our global Discourse platform to gage interest and to start looking at what the scope of work would include.

I invite you to join in on the discussion, any ideas etc are all welcome as we explore the topic:



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