Website safe check

You all have done a great job. But I want to make a little suggestion. When I use google to search for open food network, there is a gray question mark before the name of the website in the google search result list. Maybe someone will afraid to click into the website because of this sign. I think your expert can handle it easily.
Thank you.

Hi Winson,
Thanks for raising this. It is not something I have seen.
I suspect this might be related to your antivirus software. Can you tell me if you have antivirus software installed and who is the maker?

maybe you can refer to this page:

Hey All,

Using McAfee Web Advisor which is one of the most popular and prominent web safety tools for Chrome I’m getting a green tick.

@EcoFoodGarden it would be good know what browser and tools you’re using specifically so we can take a look at all possible options and make any changes where necessary



I am talking about the green tick or grey question mark before the link not after the link. The website should ask the McAfee web check to check the site to get a green tick.