Why is a product not showing in my shop?

I have created a new product but when I go to my shop front it’s not appearing. What have I done wrong?

This is a common question we get asked, and there are a couple of reasons why it might not be appearing.

  • Stock level is set to zero If there is a zero or a minus figure in the ‘in stock’ box, this product will not appear in your shop front. You can set the stock level when you first create a product, from the Bulk Edit Products page, or from the Inventory page. Nine times out of ten, this is why products aren’t appearing in a shop!

  • Product needs to be added to order cycle If you create a new product mid order cycle, depending on how you’ve set up your order cycle it may not automatically appear unless you’ve manually added it. Go to your current order cycle and check the product has been ticked in both the incoming and outgoing sections.