Wording of order confirmation email



I think I found a bug in the order confirmation email. On the web, after an order has been placed, the confirmation page shows on the right under “Ready for collection” the small header “collection instructions” and then the text that is entered in the second box in order cycle in the Outgoing section (“pick-up instructions”).

In the e-mail, it also shows this message, but wrongly under the header of “ready for collection”.

order%20cycle%20settings web email


What happens if you populate the fields though?
Both fields should always have something in. The Ready For message in particular will tell people when they are ordering for. I suspect once they are populated they may well show the right information.


Yes the fields populate fine (I put in “Ready for message” to see where it ends up showing up).

It’s just the header that’s wrong. In the email it shows twice “Ready for Collection”, instead of once “ready for collection” + “ready for message” and then “Collection instructions” + “pick up message”


It’s not brilliantly worded, is it? But not really a bug, I’d say. Not in the sense that something is technically broken. But I agree it needs changing.


Yeah sorry for using the b word :wink:


Hi @seprost
Can you attach a screen shot of the email? I’m not quite sure which bit you are referring to. Thanks


Hi Louise,

see screenshot below. Instead of saying twice “Ready for collection” the second (smaller) header should say “Collection instructions” (like it does on the order confirmation page on the web).




Hi Sebastian
Just to let you know that this has now been rectified and the second smaller heading on both the order confirmation screen and order confirmation email show ‘Collection Instructions’ rather than ‘ready for collection’ twice.
Kind regards