Your shopfront never needs to close!

I had this question in bold from an OFN shopfront user and wanted to share my response (below)

I think its a shame that customers cant place an order now for next Friday or even see what is in the shop. We could be losing customers if they can’t order then and there. Ideally from Tuesday midnight orders could be taken that will be ready the Friday after. Is the site able to do that? Check out Watson and Pratts where you choose your delivery week.

Yes OFN can do these things and several OFN food hubs have a permanently open shopfront. You have several options:

  • Set up several order cycles (there is a duplicate button next to the list of order cycles) so you can create copies and then just change the dates. These order cycles can either be
    * subsequent – so that one opens at the same time as the previous one closes with no gap in between or
    * concurrent - so that several cycles are open at the same time but with different closing dates.
    If you choose to have concurrent order cycles then the shopper is prompted to choose which date they are ordering for.

  • Put up a message that appears when there is no live order cycle to tell shoppers when the shop will reopen (see SHOPFRONT CLOSED MESSAGE in screen below)